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Need a hand in construction work? Alleman s.r.o. is the perfect candidate to help you out with all kinds of things. We are specialized in building luxurious (glamping) safaritents in different sizes but you can also hire us for all kinds of trades. When building a safaritent, do not only think of the tent itself, but think of the construction from A to Z. Starting with the floor, putting the poles in the ground for the construction of the floor / platform where the tent will be placed on. Also think of the decoration and furnishings inside the tent (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, lounge area, a loft etc ..) till the completion of the tent (inside and outside).
Besides building tents, you can also hire us to set up various types of tents, building shelters, terasses, porches, fireplaces, playgrounds, installation and placing of water toys (for in or around the pool).
Name it and we can build it for you!
Alleman s.r.o. is not only active in the Netherlands but can also be hired internationally. We travel throughout Europe for various jobs. Are you interested in our services or would you like some more information?

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