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Until 1874, this breed was not completely standardized look, with two major subtypes were recorded, east and west. In relation to the other several large white European livestock guardian dog (LGD), including an Italian Maremma Sheepdog, kuvasz (Hungary), Akbash (Turkey) and the Polish Tatra or Polski Owczarek Podhalanski, and somewhat less close to Newfoundland and St . Bernard. According to the Great Pyrenees Club of America, the Great Pyrenees is naturally nocturnal and aggressive with potential predators, which could damage the herd. With reference to: the breed can typically be trusted with small, young and defenseless animals of any kind due to its natural instinct to guard.

Great Pyrenees guard sheep

In nature, the Great Pyrenees is confident, gentle (especiall with children) and kind. While territorial and protect his flock or family when necessary, its general behavior is a settlement? And patience and loyalty. This is a strong-willed, independent and reserved breed. OOK is observant, utterly fearless and faithful ITS responsibilities. the size of Great Pyrenees "It's a formidable guardian does. A dog of this breed will patrol the perimeter and can travel farther if done on a leash in the unsealed area. Great Pyrenees protects his flock barking and are nocturnal, it tends to bark at night unless trained to conduct dryness.

Great Pyrenees may be slow to learn new commands, listening to slow, and somewhat stubborn coaching. For this reason, this breed is ranked # 64 (of 79 Series covering 131 breeds) in Stanley Coren's The Intelligence of Dogs. Despite this relative stubbornness, it is quite unusual for great Pyrenees to become aggressive or turn on his master. It is wary of strangers, if a person who is not allowed in the house, but settles in the event that the owner of the dog seems comfortable with a stranger. The dog was originally bred to a livestock guard dog, and still do not find work on farms and ranches.


Our farm is growing about alpaca's and sheeps, so we need to have the right helpers. We decided to get Another shepherd dog and at the Beginning of 2017 we brought` Aiwa - a gentle giant. We are going to (establish) open up a breeding station with Aiwa, but mostly we will deal with shepherd training.

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